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Important Scorekeeping Reminders

Line-up cards must be filled out for every game and a copy must be given to the Scorekeeper at least 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the game. 

For bookkeeping purposes please record the required information in the following format:

o   Manager Name, Division, Date, and Game Time

o  Players LASTNAME, F initial

o   Jersey # for all players

o   Pitcher (1) and Catcher (2) positions must be recorded

o   Missing, injured, or ineligible pitchers must be recorded on the bottom of the  line-up card 

  • It is the responsibility of the Team Manager to make sure their team has a Scorekeeper for EVERY GAME.  You can ask your team mom to help with this, but ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure someone is keeping the book.

Games played at Glenwood Little League:

  • HOME team is responsible for the OFFICIAL book

  • VISITOR team is responsible for the scoreboard

  • Games CANNOT start until the OFFICIAL book is covered

AWAY games at other league’s fields:

  • Their home team is the OFFICIAL book and they will likely cover the scoreboard too, although they may ask someone from your team to help. 

  •  YOUR TEAM MUST KEEP THEIR OWN BOOK.  It won’t be the official book- but it must accurately reflect the OFFICIAL book.

NOTE: This is especially important if any of your players want to be ALL STARS.  Without accurate books to review at the end of the season we won’t be able to determine player eligibility.

  • Team Managers and/or Coaches CANNOT keep the official book from their dugout.

  •  MINORS and ABOVE- it is strongly recommended that the OFFICIAL book be kept from the score tower when available.    

1.       It’s helpful for the home plate umpire for communication purposes

2.       There are less distractions so pitch counts, pitcher & catcher changes, and other important game details will be more accurate.

3.       It’s also recommended that the scorekeepers from each team sit in the tower together.  This allows them to act as a second set of eyes for each other and greatly improves the accuracy of the OFFICIAL book.

It’s best if each team has at least 2 volunteers that can keep score.  If no one knows how, but is willing to learn, please have them reach out to ZANDRA MCCHESNEY so she can schedule a time to teach them [email protected]

Keeping Score

Score Keepers represent an important part of the team and have several duties.

  • They Get the best seat in the house, in the shaded score box right behind the umpire.
  • Keeps the score of the game and notifies the coaches and umpires when the Run limit is reached.
  • Operates the Scoreboard to keep players and parents informed on the game status.
  • Tracks pitch counts for all pitchers to help protect our young players’ arms.
  • Record the events of the game. This is often the toughest part of Score Keeping, and likely the most intimidating for new volunteers. However, scoring a game can actually be a lot of fun. And if the Team Manager hopes to keep stat’s on the players, there’s absolutely no substitute for a good Score Keeper.

Learn to Keep Score!

The point of the scorecard is to create an accurate record of the game. A person reading a scorecard should be able recreate the game from beginning to end, just by looking at symbols, letters and numbers.


Score Keeping 101

How to keep score:

Part 1

Part 2

Pitch Count Sheet

Score Keeping with in Game Changer app:


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